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Hey again everyone. I think I´m getting used to this travel blogging thing! Well yesterday I went to Huaca Pucllana, the PRE-INCA ruins located in the middle of Miraflores (the area of Lima in which I´m staying).
It was pretty cool, not as big as some I´ve seen in Belize and Guatemala, but ruins nonetheless. It was so interesting to see the city surrounding the ruins, with the cars driving past on the streets literally feet away from these 2500-year old ruins. The tour guide told us that there is no inside of the ruins, no rooms or anything, which was kind of puzzling. The ruins are actually still under excavation (I really want to find a computer to upload my photos to, but this one has no usb port, so I´ll just upload a Wikipedia pic for now), and the tour guide told us it would probably take another 15-20 YEARS to finish excavating it! Of course, there were sacrifices conducted there, and funny little tidbit: ONLY women were sacrificed! Because the people (our guide referred to them as Limans) were sacrificing to the sun and moon gods, who were women. After leaving the ruins, I went back to the hostel to rest my tired feet! Then, I felt a stomachache come on and was sick for most of the afternoon. I´m not sure from what, but I drank Sprite (thanks, Granny!) and felt fine a few hours later.

Today, I explored a part of town called LarcoMar, which is a really cool park and shopping area right on the water. I read a book for a while, then had a couple of pleasant conversations with some nice Peruvians. It was nice to practice my Spanish. Tomorrow night I´m planning on going out with Susan, the German girl staying in my room, and her friends. Then on Saturday I will go to Ica, a town a few hours north of Lima, until Monday when Jasmine arrives. There they have sandboarding--not anything close to waterboarding--which is where you surf on the sand with a wakeboard. I can´t wait! The hostel owner here says that the hostel in Ica has a pool!! I´ll let you know how it goes!

Update: Finally I made it to the internet cafe and uploaded some of my own photos! Here they are:

This is Huaca Pucllana. Notice the difference in the type of bricks from the old way to the new way.


Here I am at the ruins!


Here is one of the dogs that the guide told us has special healing powers. If someone is sick, they let the dog lay on top of them and it is supposed to help them recover. The dog was so ugly it was cute! A guy from Australia asked me, uh is that the dog from Resident Evil? Ha


I have no idea what SSHH stands for, but maybe they are telling us to be quiet in the restroom!!


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Just Got Here


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24 hours of travelling really takes a lot of you. So here´s what I did: I flew from Houston to Charlotte, NC, to JFK where I was supposed to take the 11:30 p.m. flight to Lima. I was SUPPOSED to have an 8-hour layover (already a really log time!) in JFK, but then around 8:00 p.m., I saw that our flight had a new time: 2:00 a.m. AWESOME! Apparently, the fog was as ´thick as pea soup´, so we had to wait. So I spent around 11 hours just waiting at JFK, but I figured it was fine because I didn´t really have any plans for once I got into Lima, except that I had hired a taxi through my hostel to pick me up at my original landing time of 6:30 a.m. I slept some on each flight, but once I got to the airport in Lima, I was so tired from being in transit that I coudn´t wait to get to the hosel. Of course the taxi wasn´t there to pick me up, because he was there at 6:30; I had to get another, which apparently is a somewhat difficult task because the taxi industry is unregulated by the government, meaning that taxis can charge whatever they want and usually screw over tourists. In my Frommers, it even said ´Don´t get a taxi from someone yelling at you´. Obv.

So anyway my taxi guy was cool, he had a badge that had all his prices on it, and he took me to the hostel, where I was well received by Ricardo, the owner, who was the first, but definitely not the last, Peruvian to kiss my cheek just today. Even the waiter at lunch introduced himself to me and planted one on my right cheek! Anyway, he showed me around the hostel (it even has a roof terrace!) and I unpacked; of course my body wash opened in the back pack during the flight, and got on some things, so I had to wash the soap off of all of my toiletries and just one pair of capris. Then I showered (a hot, but low-pressure shower), put in my earplugs and slept for about 3 hours.

I woke up starving, so I went to have lunch: chicken and rice with this amazing green sauce and fried yucca. Delicious, and I even got to take the leftovers in a doggie bag! Oh, which reminds me, I watched Marley and Me on the plane, and wept like a tragedy had occurred to me personally. On the plane. Whatever, it´s a SAD movie, but good. That always happens! A short list of movies NOT to EVER watch on a plane: Marley an Me, Finding Neverland. Hopefully the list won´t grow. Anyway, back to Peru. After lunch I had to pick up a few things (a phone, shower shoes, water, etc.). And now I´m back at the hostel; I just met the people staying in my room: an elderly man from Jerusalem who is leaving tomorrow, and a girl my age from Germany. I love travelling.

So I can´t decide what to do now. Jasmine (my travelling buddy) doesn´t get to Lima until Monday at 10:30, so I have about 5 days to kill. I may go to Ica, and I want to see the Nazca Lines, but I don´t know what I should do without Jasmine, because I don´t know what she wants to do and I don´t want to repeat things. So I´ll ask around and get some ideas, because I still have this hostel through Thursday night. We´ll see!

Until next time, friends! And bear with me, this is my first travel-blogging experience.

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