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Màs de Trujillo, y ahora, Cusco!

This altitude thing is not too fun. Houston, I miss your -4 feet altitude!

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Well hello again friends. How I miss you all. So I was just at an internet cafe for quite a while updating this blog, and then the computer froze and I lost everything. So I`ll try to remember what I had written.

So as you may have noticed, I changed the name of the blog to 8 Weeks in Peru, Chile, and Argentina. After some more planning by Jasmine and me, we figured out that I had time to go to Argentina also! Jasmine was going to go anyway, but now I`ll go with her for maybe a week or two.

So where did I leave off last. Ah, Trujillo. We spend a few more days in the city with the friends of our former roommates, and we explored a little more. We went to the Mall in Trujillo, a fun outing and it reminded us of home. It was a huge outdoor shopping center with lots of clothing stores, like a mall in the US, but it also had a Home Depot-type store, and 2 grocery stores. They had shopping carts too, so people were walking in and out of the clothing, jewelery, and electronic stores pushing carts, which was kind of funny to see. And people were dressed up in costumes all over the mall, advertizing things or performing. These people were from Papa Johns:

And this guy was just a performer. Notice how the children are in awe of him, yet he is pointing his gun straight at him. They are enamored of this man, and I don`t know how I feel about it. He is glorifying violence, but at the same time, he is shiny and eye-catching, so maybe the children don`t fully understand and are just taken away with the bright colors and action.

So on Monday, we decided to head out to Huanchaco, a short 20-minute bus ride from Trujillo, and a wonderful beach town.



We stayed at this hostel:

How could we pass it up? And for 10 soles a night ($3.33 USD), it was a steal. We even had our own bathroom. We took long, hot showers both days we were there (and there was light!).
Here is what our room looked like:
Excuse the mess, but it was high class for us.

Then, we had surfing lessons!
It was really difficult, but Jasmine and I both got up on the board and hung 10 (is that right?) for at least 5 seconds a couple of times. Haha, we were awesome! And now we are obsessed. We went both days we were there, and I was so sore afterwards! We also just explored the beach area, which was beautiful.

These are fishermen, and they go out on these boats made of reed. They are called caballeritos because the fishermen hang a leg over either side, like horseback riding.

Once we had our fill of the beach town, it was time to hop on a bus back to Lima, so we could catch our flight to Cusco. This was not a bad bus ride, and we paid a lot less than we did to get there. We stopped for lunch, and here was the sign for the bathrooms:

We arrived in Lima around 11 pm, and our flight was not until 5:40 am, but we did not want to pay for a hostel, so we just headed to the airport. We slept a little there, but it was pretty uncomfortable. We also started our high-altitude medication in preparation for our arrival to Cusco. After the wonderful 6 hours in the airport, we finally were on our way to Cusco. Here is a shot of Cusco from the plane:

So we arrived yesterday and slept a lot. A LOT. And I didn`t have much trouble with the altitude, just my hands go numb every once in a while, but the company that is taking us to Machu Picchu on Saturday told me that that was normal and not to worry. I`ve also been drinking mate de coca, which is a leaf made from the coca plant. Yes, that coca plant. It has helped a little too. We organized the trip and paid the rest of the fee for Machu Picchu, washed clothes (hooray!) and explored Cusco.




Now I`m going to explore some more before our preparatory meeting for the Machu Picchu Trek. Apparently, the Salkantay Trek (the one we are taking) is one of the most difficult. Whoops. Wish it would have said that on the website! But we can handle it, I know we will. So until next time everyone, and get ready for some amazing pics from the top of Machu Picchu. Love and miss you all!

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I never did manage to send you guys that National Geographic article, but it definitely made the Salkantay Trek sound like the best one! And I'm sure you guys will do great. Or are doing great, since I'm pretty sure you've already left.

by kmorg09

good luck on your trek!

by Natalia

caitlin, i am enjoying my vicarious experiences as you as jasmine conquer south america. lovely pictures of you both, and i particularly enjoy your documentation of bathroom signs!! i know it's hard work, but the more you write, the more you will remember. thanks for sharing. paul

by Paul Hester

also, where are you going to go in argentina? you obviously must go to buenos aires because it rivals all other cities in the world , but its very european in feel. the sierras of cordoba are gorgeous...also itll be winter, it is winter i mean, so heading to the northern provinces like Salta would be a good idea cuz its not as cold. also the iguazu falls are in northern argentina, ive never been but ive heard amazing things. anyhow, hope all is well in machu pichu!

by Natalia

So I hope as i'm writing you are at machu picchu or getting back to Cusco! Also, I hope you were extra hardcore and did the six or seven day trek! and I hope you thighs and calves have never been in such pain that was 100% well worth it! and let me know your plains for Chile!

by Meilani

and by 'plains' I mean 'plans'

by Mei

To Katri: Yes, we made it out alive, but barely! I got extremely sick and it was the hardest thing physically I`ve ever done in my life, but completely worth it. See my newest post!

To Natalia: Thanks for the well wishes, but I don`t think it worked. Also, I don`t think I am going to Argentina now. See my newest post.

To Paul: Haha, I`m glad you`re enjoying it. And I know it is hard work, but I know I will be glad I did this in the future. See my newest post!

To Meilani: We were pretty hardcore, with a 5-day trek, the Salkantay. And my legs ARE more toned! I am not sure if I will be going to Chile now. See my newest post.


by HolaCait

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