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A short 10-hour bus ride North of Lima

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Well, here we are in Trujillo.

Hello again friends. This blogging thing is cool, but definitely time-consuming! So we are in Trujillo now, a 10-hour bus ride North of Lima. This is where one of my roommates from last year worked for 10 weeks. Its a great town, they say it`s eternal spring here. So in order to get here, Jasmine and I took a fancy overnight bus from Lima. We got the full cama seats, meaning that they seats fold all the way out to make a bed. Except that they didnt`t. Haha, they only leaned back about 2/3 of the way, but it was still comfortable. They had movie screens, brought us food and drinks, and had a welcome message just like on an airplane. The welcome video told us all about the bus, how it had wifi and a computer, how they would serve us food, and how the bathrooms are only for urinating. They repeat: Only for Urinating. I think that is a common theme here, as evidenced by the door at the internet cafe at which I am currently. 3Imagen_027.jpg

Anyway, back to the bus ride. Jasmine slept the whole time, while I woke up about every hour. I will NOT be paying for the first class full cama seats on the way back. So we got here and met up some friends of my roommates, with whom we are staying. When we got there, Pepe, the friend, said, oh and the light in the bathroom is out, I will fix it tomorrow. It`s been 3 days now, and we still have to shower in the dark. I use the flashlight application on my iPod, but it`s just not the same. We are going to move to a hostel at the beach on Monday though....looking forward to lit showers.

Here is a lovely archway in the city center of Trujillo:

A main attraction of Trujillo is Chan Chan, some awesome Pre-Incan ruins and the largest Pre-Columbian city in South America.

There were tons of tour groups of students, and we were like celebrities to them! They all asked if we could take a picture with them...

There was also a very small museum for Chan Chan, and I really enjoyed this. This one reenactment, for some reason, had a little boy with a dinosaur shirt on. I`m pretty sure they didn`t wear stuff like that in 850 A.D.

Then we went to the market in Trujillo, a HUGE place where all the vender have sooo much stuff and everyone as you walk by asks, what are you looking for, beautiful, do you want this? this? this? etc. Somewhat overwhelming, but incredibly enjoyable.
And these guys were sellng gum, and I had to take a picture. I ended up buying some. (1 sol, or 33 cents US)

The next day, we just explored the city:
And later on that night:

These cute cars are all over the city (and notice the woman smiling inside):

Today, we went to a casona, a really big house in the middle of the city. This one has been turned into a Club Privado (Private Club).

We ended our day with a trip to the....
(Museum of Toys)

Needless to say, the old dolls there were extremely creepy.
Why are they floating? you may ask. Me too.
Some were cool, though.

And so that`s it! You are updated! I am getting homesick, though. Especially at night when I`m about to sleep. I miss you all! And the cleanliness that I can maintain in the US. I always look down at my fingernails and all I can do is sigh. But my Spanish is improving vastly, and I am enjoying myself, it´s just kind of a strange feeling, knowing I will be here for 6 more weeks! I know I can do it though, and y`all will be with me the whole way! I love skyping and getting emails all the time, so don`t stop guys! Well that`s it for now, until next time! Love!

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What truly excellent architectural photography. If med school doesn't work out, consider it a good fallback! You two make great celebrities.

by Pablo

Haha. This blog thing of yours is so amazing. Its so funny, I cant help but laugh. I'm glad you are having a great time.... trust me i know from the pics and your joyful comedic attitude. The kid with the dinosaur shirt on made me laugh for at least 10 minutes. Keep up this blog. Its a great and entertaining release for me. Oh Lord. haha have fun. Where to Next???

by Randy Valcin

We miss you every day sister! Keep the pictures coming, as well as your witty commentary, they keep me entertained! It's kind of incredible that you are living out of your backpack in South America right now. I've been telling everyone I know and they are so impressed with your tenacity to see the world. I love you much!

by Sister

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