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An Oasis, Paradise, then back to Lima

Jasmine`s finally here!

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At the main square in Lima:

Ok, sorry it`s been a few days, but I was in an oasis with no internet for a few days, enjoying the sun that apparently does not exist here in Lima.

I went 5 hours North by bus to La Huacachina, a small (I mean EXTREMELY small) town by Ica.

And this is the town:

Like I said, an oasis.

After staying in Lima until Saturday (a fun night out on the town with my German friend Susan and her friend Stella) I woke up and took a bus to Ica, a town recommended to me by the owner of my hostel in Lima. I go there when it was dark, so the next day when I woke up to see this as my hostel, I knew I had hit the right place.

So the town basically consisted of about 20 hostels, 1 hotel, 40 restaurants, and 1 big lake. The thing to do for fun there is sandboarding and sandbuggying, which is this:

And it was so much fun but soooooo hard! You can do it lying face down, which I did a few times, and you can also technically do it standing up, but I tried that and FACE PLANTED IT! BAD! No, I mean, I still have sand in my nose, and ears, 3 days and 3 showers later. Here was my face:
It`s kind of hard to tell, but I have sand all over it. And in my mouth. And probably in my stomach too because I`m pretty sure I ate some.

So anyway, I made a few friends there. Sarah, who likes to juggle.

That was by the OTHER pool at our hostel. Alas, I had to return to Lima to meet Jamsine, which I did on Monday.
So then we went exploring. These are of Lima, taken from Larco Mar, the main (and expensive!) shopping center in Lima:

This is taken from Lima Centro. At the top of the hill is a big cross (obv), and I think it`s dedicated to Christopher Columbus. Who knew?

This is from the catacombs in The Convent of San Fransico. There are over 200,000 people`s bones stored here, because when it was built in the 1500s, Lima was yet to have a cemetery.

Outside of the convent, there are hundreds of pigeons!

We also went to the Inquisition Museum in Lima...here`s a fun one. They also did waterboarding back then (Great idea, Bush! If it worked for the Inquisition, it`ll obviously work on the WAR ON TERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Then we went to the National Museum in Lima and had a private, 2-hour tour that cost $5. For both Jasmine and me! Here are some of the artifacts held there:

And these are EARRINGS!! Haha, and only MEN wore them!

And we ended the day with a nice stroll back through Lima Centro, the moon shining...

Bueno, that`s all for now...until next time! To come: our 10 hour bus ride to Trujillo, and my first Peruvian massage!

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La Huacachina, what is the population? What is the average family size? How do they make money or do they even need it? It kinda reminds me of san pedro.

by dad

the pix with the 4 lane road and the water? Is that a river, lake or ocean? R u traveling the coastline?

by dad

the pix at the main square...is that a church? if so did you get communion?

by dad

OMG its so cool. I want to go! Your pix of the museum stuff were amazing! i gotta read the rest...been so busy at work...I'm glad you're having fun. Hi Jasmine! Oh, you got a message from a doc who wants you to tutor her kid next fall. It was a referral from the one you worked for and she said 'I've heard such good things about you!" Looove u!

by Mom

Caitlin, I'm reading this from my friends e-mail. My computer is broke. Thourghly enjoyed your blog.
I will keep up with you. Be careful, have fun, but hurry home so I won't worry about you. Love you SOOOOOOOO MUCH. Grandmaw

by Grandmaw

yay! I'm glad you were able to upload your own photos. That last one is absolutely beautiful!

by kmorg09

To Dad: I`m not sure about all the stats of La Huacachina, but Wikipedia says that it has a population of 115. Haha, there were definintely more travellers than inhabitants when I went. Obviously the people need money, so they make it through tourism: jewelry, food, souveniers, renting paddleboats in the lake, hostels, sandboarding, etc.

The pic with the four lane road is Lima, and it`s the Pacific Ocean. We are travelling the coastline right now, but once we go back to Lima we will be going inland to Cusco, to see Machu Picchu.

The pic at the main square in Lima is a church, but alas, I did not get communion. I havent`t gotten that in about 6 or 7 years, to tell the truth.

Mom: I`m glad your`re reading up! Stop working so hard! And I`ll talk to you more about the tutoring later!

Grandma: I hope Dad fixes your computer soon! I`m glad you are able to read this from another computer, though! I love and miss you!

Katri: I know, I think that photo is my favorite from Lima. I miss you! I hope we are able to Skype soon! Hope you`re feeling okay, too!

by HolaCait

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